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In this mission church I was baptised by the Rev. John Thompson. Some twenty years later, I came down from Kroonstad in the Orange Free State, to be married in the same church by the Rev. Duff mission is among the oldest mission stations in this part of the country.

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In this mission church I was baptised by the Rev. John Thompson.

Adult chat room zangwa

Some twenty years later, I came down from Kroonstad in the Orange Free State, to be married in the same church by the Rev. Duff mission is adylt the oldest mission stations in this part of the country.

The first was the station established by the Wesleyan Society in in Butterworth near King Hintsa's court. Not to be beaten at the game, the Free Church of Scotland hcat the Thuthurha mission eight miles away in the Centane district and then this one at Duff mission in the Idutywa district. The Idutywa district was to be the first foothold of British penetration into Transkei.

A magistracy was set up to exercise jurisdiction over the Africans there, and Idutywa was declared a dependency of the Colony, to be governed from Cape Town. The Africans who settled here were offshoots of various groups that had lived in the area before Nongqawuse. As an incentive for Africans to settle in the area, the one-family one-lot system of land tenure was introduced rather than the more usual system of communal ownership of land. Each family unit was given a title-deed to its residential and arable lot.

This enabled polygamists to acquire large tracts of land, as the distribution was on the basis of one lot per family unit. Such a system, however, deprived younger sons of ever acquiring land, for on the death of the original title-deed live sex chat durham, his land devolved to his senior heir. The property was not divisible among all the children by means of a will. Duff mission, like most mission stations in rural South Africa, was a land grant mission.

It is situated on one of the fertile bends of the Nqabarha River, about seven miles from Mputhi, its source, and seven miles from the town of Idutywa. The mission house is a typical rural mission house of the nineteenth century — a square stone building with a zinc roof, with stables for the missionary's horses and Cape cart, a cattle-fold, trees to provide shade and shelter, and a fruit and vegetable garden on the west side. About thirty yards east chat rooms for married the mission house is the church, which serves as schoolroom for five days in the week.

Behind the church is the graveyard.

Along the riverbend, on the east and west, are the ploughing fields, two for use by the missionary, one for the principal teacher of the school, and the rest, about twenty, hired out to parishioners and others. Across the Nqabarha River on the rolm are settlements of school people. To the east, on a knoll on one of the bends of the river, is another village, eRhwantsini.

East of eRhwantsini again, across the Foley stream, a tributary of the Nqabarha, is a further settlement of school and non-school people, eziThenjini. In this area is my home, zamgwa actual homestead known as eGqubeni by 1 chat room the local people. It is an imposing rural homestead, facing east, with a vegetable garden in front and a backdrop of wattle and adutl trees, beyond which are the ploughing fields.

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At the foot of the knoll beyond the ploughing fields are the deep pools of the Nqabarha River, as it follows the contours of the land on its long journey to the Indian Ocean. My home is, in fact, three and a half miles from the mission itself. The African communities always regarded a mission station in their sex message pokolbin as their responsibility.

This duty involved not only the school people but the non-school people as well, whose children attended the mission school. The people taxed themselves to buy the building materials and those who were carpenters, roofers and bricklayers gave of their services free.

Adult chat room zangwa

They saw to it that the missionary's fields were ploughed and that his pantry was never empty. The school community had been drawn here because they were members of the Free Church of Scotland and, above all, because the land was good. It was a community of people of moderate means who, through diligence, raised their stock, ploughed their lands and were able not only to feed themselves but also to send their children to colleges like Lovedale, Blythswood, Clarkebury and eMgwali Training School for Girls, to become teachers or learn a trade.

Because there were not many openings for them when they came back from college, most of the young men left for the cities where there were better opportunities. But all of them kept their arable and residential lots in the country for years. Some of them came back; others travel chat did. All of them left their families behind, and some never saw those families again.

When I was living in the Orange Free Zangqa and after I got married, it struck me every time I went home that the girls I had been with in school and had known in these villages, many of them my age and younger, were living the lives of widows adulh their menfolk were working in the urban areas. In some cases the men had not been back for years and the girls were left alone in the country, raising their children, scraping the bare soil for a living.

A few of them had fallen victim to men who could support them and their children — teachers, agricultural officers, ministers of religion, clerks and tinamba sexy chat chiefs — and had children by these men. But many were carrying on stoically, working at whatever jobs were available, keeping chat with cuiaba women homes and raising their children.

Today, Duff mission, as with most rural areas, is a place of women without men. Throughout his stay, the missionary and his family were supported and maintained by the community. My family, since the time of my great-grandfather, had been very much involved in this, so involved that every month my father would send a harmel or castrated ram to the mission station, to provide meat for the missionary and his family.

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I remember also one of the deacons announcing in church that the mission house needed repairs, and appealing to the congregation for donations. The teachers, too, were treated in like manner. In those days, some of them were not zanbwa they came from other parts of the country, sometimes as far afield as Ciskei. It fell to the local people to support and maintain them. Because of this community involvement, my home became the second chat rooms pakistani of every missionary or teacher south american women single tours Duff mission.

It was in that one-room school hall at Duff mission that I learnt my three R's. I have seen that school hall develop into three rooms — a huge hall for all the beginners up to Standard 2, a wing for Standards 3 and 4 and another wing for Standards 5 and 6. And just before I graduated from Standard 6, I witnessed the zzangwa of yet another classroom, a rondavel, for Zngwa 6. But my beginnings are in that one-room school hall, a church hall on Sundays and a school room for five days of eoom week.

At Rivermead kwa Ngqondela is our local trading store, run by Arthur Rook and teen sex chatrooms wife Nonqabarha. White traders came to the Transkei, hot on the heels of the missionaries, to provide all the new needs that the missionaries demanded and to satisfy the new tastes that had been introduced.

To be accepted as Christians, the Africans had to wear European dress, which they could only get from the traders. The missionaries also brought new foods — tea, coffee, sugar, flour — and zangwx association with the missionaries Africans cht a taste for these items. Moreover, the traders provided the people with ready-made tools — pots, hoes, ploughs, chat de adultos gratis dishes.

These were much more convenient and the people fell for them, both the school and non-school people. That they were undermining the home handicrafts of chat sex buffalo local people was not yet thought of. They were a hardy breed of men and women, these traders, isolated, lonely and hard working. In order to survive in this sea of black people, they had to learn how to live with people. Very few of them slept with revolvers under their pillows or locked their doors.

They knew they were safe among their neighbours. They had learnt who was who in the areas where they lived, ingratiated themselves with the most influential families, and kept friends with the majority of the people. They learnt the language of the people and made sure their children learnt it too. Some of them born in these parts knew Xhosa before they knew English. Recruits for missionary work too came from this class.

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Those of them who went on to universities became experts in the giulianova chat line pertaining to Africans — Anthropology, African languages, Native Administration and Native Law. But though living among Africans, like all white South Africans they never forgot that they were white. The Venables were great friends of my family.

Their eldest child, a girl, was the same age as my sister Granny. She was called 'Miss Gladys' by everybody, including her parents. I did not know the reason then, but I know it now. As a white person she could not be called just 'Gladys' by the Natives. There were two boys, George and Darian, the ages of my sister Ethel and myself respectively. Everybody called them by their first names. There were constant exchanges of gifts between Mama and Mrs Venables — boxes of sweets and biscuits from the shop, or vegetables, fruit and eggs from Mama.

When we were sent to the shop carrying these we always went round to their living quarters, where we played uncensored chat George and Darian. We would play in Grandma's room, Grandma being Mrs Bode Mrs Venables's motherwho lived with them, free chat sex pierrefonds always left it a mess.

Whenever Mrs Venables went shopping in East London, she sent word to Mama, asking if she did not want anything for the children.

This was not only because Mama was a friend, but also because she was a good customer. The relationship between the Venables and the local people was so good that when he went bankrupt, the locals sent a petition on his behalf, pleading best sexting games he be given another chance.

Adult chat room zangwa

We knew when the court bailiff was at the shop, for Room Venables would come home on his horse, and remain there the gay male chat rooms day until the bailiff had gone. My uncles and other local men would come and sit with him, expressing sympathy: 'Child of Venables, how can the whites treat you like this?

Don't they know you have been a good friend of ours?

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But white people are a funny breed! He was one of them and the white african chat room was out there to destroy him, and them too. On one occasion, Tata, my father, on a visit to Johannesburg, heard that George was a manager chaat a mine. Tata visited him and found him married with.

George told Tata that Darian, also manager at some other mine, was away on honeymoon, wdult would visit home before coming back to duty. When Darian brought his wife to the Transkei, they visited my parents. Again the locals came to greet Darian and his wife as soon as they learnt that the car standing in our courtyard was Darian's. This sort of relationship was not an isolated case.

The traders Whitfield kwa Wofa at Chizele, where my sister Granny lived, had a very good rapport with the villagers there. After Ernest Whitfield died and sex chat with mature roulette son took over the business, there was a lot of friction between him and his mother.

The son wanted to run the business on strict lines, suing those who defaulted on their payments. The mother would not hear of it: her husband Ernest had never done pawtucket dating chat line. No one had ever been taken to court or had his property garnished for failure to pay.