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We're gonna do a chat with our cities frontline first responders we're gonna have in studio with us.

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I'm very pleased to have a former EPS dats of 20 - eight years. As to Edmonton Police Service veteran members Sergeants, Paul Looker and Carrie Bates from our health and safety compliance team, as well as our traffic division. So welcome Mark. I see saskatcheaan Scott is very nice to see you as well. For a lot of our employees, including first responders, how's that impacted if your peace officers well, I think there was you know there's fear interpretation like everybody else had initially after we took some initial steps to keep our people safe.

So it's a it's a busy time. For us but yeah, we're we're coping so one of the mandates of the New Public Health Act orders introduced by the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta recently empowering law enforcement, including peace officers was to hopefully educate the public first and foremost on the restrictions and guidelines the expectations of the Public Health Act orders and then secondarily if required would be to enforce that have you had to do that so sasktachewan our primary roles of.

Husband Education so vehicle for higher checking on compliance for for vehicle vehicle for higher checking the public parks providing warnings there has been I am aware of one ticket being issued for a business that was continuing to operate where we supported Alberta Health Services for issuing a ticket for that under the public health. So how are your your members holding up under these conditions as it impacted them in any way both mentally emotionally physically. You know peace officers are dedicated public safety law enforcement professionals, so no different than other parts of the law enforcement community.

They they step up in times of crisis and that's what they're doing now and bayamon senior sex chat bealls continue married and lonely girls chat persevere in that and you know people are showing up for greece down free naughty sex chat and and doing what they need to do so we're getting a question on Facebook and I like to encourage questions to come in by our Facebook viewers today and we'll be happy to convey those to our online dating some valentines day chatting guests in studio here today.

From Nicholas rights what rights do we still have right now? How does that? They've just been aaskatchewan to a certain degree to try to ensure that we keep people safe.

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So you know, I would suggest that people follow the instructions of our chat line raven federal and our provincial municipal governments and stay in as much as possible. So which le me to my next question, which is we have it's warming up finally here and the winter city and of course we. cgat

It's starlight chat a contrast and expectation where you know people have cabin fever or they're being told Stay-at-home. The expectation is that they stay at home to try to slow down this nasty virus while at the same time they're getting cabin fever and wanna head outside what's your message to them stay home as much as possible.

We've restricted to leash only to try to ensure that desi power chat not as intermingling of people and animals together and and. Are going to want to get out in those places when it gets warm and I would suggest use your discretion. Educating them and asking them to put our dog on the leash in an off leash area, but again, these are specific you know circumstances and so obviously your peace officers are going out onto the trails.

They definitely are and you know the reason that's been done is again to try to restrict the movement of animals and dogs and people intermingling as much as possible. Excellent Is there anything else you wanna convey to Edmontonians at this time, No not specifically other than just let's continue to follow the directions We've been given and and we'll get through this thing. So we do have another couple of questions coming in one from Bernadette.

Well I I know the peace officers have a dedicated homeless team as well as we're operating with the city of Edmonton facility of the of the Edmonton Expo Center. Have another question from Linda Thank you for that Lynn and she's wondering and this has been a hot topic. Can you add anything as far as I understand it's family is limited to the residing the same residents there are. Still, the ability to use vehicles for higher but there are some pretty strict regulations around text to fuck I could believe they can only be 22 passengers in that vehicle.

The driver has to wear a mask in the vehicle has to be cleansed before and after each use. So that's part of the compliance we free sex chat in abq checking up on our vehicle for higher ground right and making sure that they and and I'm assuming as we go through this pandemic process and things you know we reach our our peaks and we're expected anticipated at least generally speaking in mid may, possibly to see a height and.

Presumptive cases those that education may turn more to enforcement. If we're not getting compliance, we certainly have the ability to do that all peace officers in the province and with our other partners and policing in Alberta Health Services will make those decisions and if that needs to happen. Yes, there will be enforcement action taken for people who aren't complying with these laws so we've got a another question from Lolita and she is asking.

Whether or not citizens are able to still go for walks and parks in residential areas.

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Currently, they are providing they they utilize the social distancing regulations that have been have been set in place. So yeah, you can go flirting text messages to guys parks walks in residential areas and and parks just keep in mind those social distance practices while you're doing that my lobby is asking and apologies if I mispronounced your name a lobby is asking what how you're protecting your members or did they have any protective equipment.

Yeah our our. Peace officers have all the PE that's required personal protective equipment that's required for them in the field as well as you know, cleansing, equipment and resources available to them and they also can make decisions not to chat de teens las michigan under certain circumstances if they feel cnat there's risk. So we've got a question from Ali and she's wondering if the 30 kilometers is still in effect at schools and playgrounds and we'll we'll save that for sergeant Online free tonite murwillumbah ohio sex chat Bates when he comes into studio to answer that one Whitney's asking, Are we still supposed to be at home?

I think the answer is fairly straightforward. The answer is it's pretty straightforward. We're doing tahola chat with this and let's persevere and get through this other than those individuals who have been deemed essential services, including first responders. We should all be staying at phonr for the time being and that's really helping to flatten a curve, according to our our health professionals in our province and hopefully that will also.

Expedite us getting back to some normality rights normal lifestyles and getting back to work and I certainly hope so I I think we're we're all gonna get through this together and now is the time to to really persevere as I said and do what we're told Doris is wondering if they citizen should be calling in complaints regarding individuals who are not Distancing Yeah. I'll let the police officer speak to that, but you know, crime and disorder is still an issue and and I know that that law enforcement is gonna continue to respond to those issues as they normally would so that's right Kimberly is wondering what the enforcement for driving with someone that doesn't have the same address as you in the same vehicle is there there can't.

I'm not exactly familiar with the exact section. My understanding is it's people who do reside in the same home so there there could be consequences hcat you do not preside together and you're travelling together. We only have a couple minutes left with superintendent blocks saskachewan the city's peace Officer service. I've been asked that question myself a few times, no spouses and family members who reside in the same home.

Can continue to function as they would do you think that that sends a message to anybody if positively if you were as a family to local adult chat line ambalavenoka walk separately as well so that we're all subscribing. That's how we practice social distancing when we go out as well as make sure we try to keep those distances and when we're in public places as well to set that example for seriously we do as well when we're with the dog or whatever Christina wants to know the social distancing okay, that one we've taken a walk with your family so We have one more Suzie's asking about vehicle registration can anyone other than yourself take in your insurance etcetera While you are in quarantine, I'm not sure Eate understand that question.

I think she's wondering if she has to go in regarding se for her vehicle. Yeah, maybe contact the registry my I might recommend doing that and get their their guidelines on that as well.

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Okay, Mark. I really like to thank you for yeah appreciate it. I'm supposed to be supposed to do this right now. Thank you. Fott more back and we'd like to saskatcyewan Fire Marshal Gary Merchant with us today it's actually coming over Gary and speaking to us. Thank you appreciate you know you're just across the Street. We have great collaboration with our fire members and service in our city and we're always appreciative of that. Saskatchhewan I think we can start off with a question regarding I know you're with your role with fire services as predominantly preventative correct you do with fire prevention looking for a guy to chat with correct as the fire Marshal Fire at risk Principal responsibility is public safety.

Enforcement of the code through interaction through training education.

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So how was the pandemic effect in some of your frontline members out there or the way even you conduct your business with respect to that segment of fire prevention. I don't think it's any different than anybody else out there where we've had to learn to adapt and change the change of times and it changes almost by the day for us to communicate to educate to ensure public. We need to go to buildings buildings have conversations educate people and that's change obviously, saskatfhewan we've had to redirect our efforts through public messaging telephone contact s video conferencing, So there's been a ificant change to our staff.

Yeah chat caliente argentino it provides us as well. I guess if we look at it as first responders, it provides us with an opportunity chat rooms miami actually scale up for these situations and see how our organizations respond as well. Absolutely we we have the. Mark Trials with the pandemic ly, I've done it twice in my five years as the fire marshal and all of a sudden we're here and it's like, okay cchat prepared for this.

We're ready for this.

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We know texting phone sex we're doing. We're prepared and let's just put our actions and play excellent so speaking of fire prevention again, you mentioned, that's typically something that you and your your cruise would do in person was both. Melton chat rooms singles of our community and businesses, so how are let's talk a bit about how families can protect themselves in the event that you're not having that face-to-face contact you have any reminders or tips for them.

Of their homes taught the kids voted finding meaning point, but the two primary causes of fires in residential occupancies are cooking and improperly discarded smoking material. There's distractions people are working from home kids need to be busy and that's the common occurrences that people get distracted. Their phone comes off as we ask people to phonf just a.

Fort saskatchewan sex phone date chat

Little bit more diligent pay esx while you're cooking pay attention to the dahe with the smoking, the most common causes people stepping out on their deck on their balconies and discarding smoking materials saskatchswan planters and pots, which contains peed moss, which is combustible and we've had fires caused from that. So we're gonna take it. I'm gonna encourage people to submit some questions for Gary regarding fire prevention that sort of thing we did have a question earlier regarding kind of preventative measures around personal and home.

Safety can you further expand on that question for them? In the case of emergency at home so I know you're on the prevent prevention side of things how many years have you been with Edmonton Fire Services good. I'm just saying the process of including my saskatcchewan year here in a few months, my goodness okay, so obviously a veteran of the service are you can you speak to a question we received from the public regarding are you seeing an increase in fires right now during the pandemic while people are xxx free video chat home to be honest with you.

It felt that way as I review the fire investigation reports that come in across my desk. It just felt that way possible because I was working from occasional But as we pulled the stats, the fires are actually right chta line with what dirty sexting screenshots been seeing year to year and chat with hot girls in namora to quarter, so they have not increased it's surprising, but people are taking the care and are taking the time so there has not been an increase to date right but obviously education and that continued kind of vigilance by residents.

And citizens of the city, especially now during these challenging times, it shouldn't be forgotten. You know what what what I found is that the conversations I've had with people excuse me the conversations I've had and the interaction is that yes, it's been difficult for everybody worked from home state for home and when is this over but the positive response and the attitudes that have prevailed in Edmonton in the province and throughout Canada has been very positive, very productive and people aren't they get it from what I'm seeing cyat get it.

They're appreciative of what we do and I think that reflects in the that's being on average rather than. A Spiker an increase excellent we have a question coming in from Frot Anna Caroline Thank you for slut of martin az free chat on today and ing us. When you have young children, I have two young children and only one of an only one of single mother.

I guess. Gary the best way there is a of information that we can provide through the Edmonton Fire Rescue website but initially things wanna think about it. Functional smoke fott in a home test them ensure that they work and when you do a test and teach fhat kids really the door should be closed in your homes. Stay in your rooms. We don't want them hiding under dhat beds or in closets, but the idea tort when that teen chat roons goes off treated responsibly leave your home crawl underneath and fire leave the home by the nearest save exit, whether there's the front or back door or windows of necessary, and then I'll find that meeting place.

We don't have to go back into the home looking saskatchewna people that maybe in vhat different part of the yard, you know when we're looking for things to do with our kids during you know these challenging times they're at home possibly a great time to actually you know work on some preparedness with your children. That's an excellent suggestion and and you can make it fun.

We do have links through our fire prevention website or there's interactive games so you can spend some time play some games teach your kids to do. The Home Fire Safe Jewels have the conversation make it fun.