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Is it really that fun? Is it even sexy? I tried it maybe twice in my life.

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Is it really that fun?


Is it even sexy? I tried it maybe twice in my life.

The second time, I texted faila, "We can have sex until the cows cum home. Well, all I received was silence, and then, three hours later, he sent a text asking me sexy chats I fed my dog. I've since retired to my usual texting regime of typing grocery lists and pictures of people who fell asleep on the train.

But thankfully, the hilarious sexting fails of these people below made me feel a whole lot better about the "LOL" thing: At least I used the English language in my scenario. And when you compare these to your own experiences, you fuhny realize naked teen chat hey, maybe you're not so bad at this sexting business after all.

Funny sexting fails

When one of you is a major over-sharer. When you don't share the same life plans or taste in opening lines.

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When one of you is clearly distracted. When you're talking about two completely different things.

When "accidents" happen. When one of you would just prefer to be left sex chat marysville. When the conversation starts going down the toilet. When one of you is too blunt from the get-go.