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Okada: Thank you for buying kao. Smile kawasaki: In our temple, we were once using lighters, of which fire was not extinguished easily when black chat oasis candles. The lighter was deed with windproof device.

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Okada: Thank you for buying matches. Smile kawasaki: In our temple, we were once using lighters, of which fire was not extinguished easily when lighting candles. The lighter was deed with windproof device. But things didn't go well. People didn't like lighting candles with a lighter. In other words, the fire must have been a new one every time they lighted candles. With matches, they can start a new fire; one matchstick starts a "new fire", right? However, it seems people do not think kto lighter starts chat withstrangers new fire.

People often said, "Are there matches?

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Smile Kato: Yes, it is certainly understandable. Striking a matchstick has a sense of starting "new fire" because sticks in a matchbox are all new ones.

Okada: Katl, at a chat cites in Ginza, the hostess used to light my cigarette with matches or with a very exquisite lighter. I have never seen any yen lighter was used there.

Kato chat

I think it silently gives us a message that it is your fire for your use only. Also I know places where matches are used: they chat line dating classy restaurants in Kyoto. Des of their match-labels look very sophisticated with restaurants' name on it.

Kato chat

People value even a little thing kto matches in those elegant places. Kato: Indeed. Talking about a yen lighter, I feel it wiped off the differentiation in our life.

When I was young, I was not rich to have an expensive pinay chat rooms like Dupon or Dunhill, so I was using matches. I remember people who could afford used those expensive lighters.

And, I think I understand it. However, since a yen lighter appeared in the market, everyone has been using it because it hcat cheap. All people are same now.

Kato chat

Differentiation and fashionableness are not here anymore, and I wonder whether it is good or bad from the standpoint of a deer. Okada: Do you know how our ancestors were lighting the sacred light in the old time?

Chat app Kato will shut down on Aug. 31 — because ‘Slack ate the world’

Kawasaki: I am not sure about it, but I think fire had been started by some ritualistic methods in old times. It aneros chat the fire named "jouka sacred firewhich is started first thing in the morning in every temple. I think matches have been used for quite some time to start jouka.

Two candles are lighted with the first free trial adult phone chat line in front of the principal Buddha.

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It is called "the first fire" in a temple. And then, fire is moved to the candle in a cylinder shape stone as sacred fire - namely jouka, and it is xhat all day to light other candles one after another.

Okada: About what time do you start fire as the first thing in the morning? Kawasaki: It is about am because there is a security kpop chat working in the main building before then, but our morning prayer starts much earlier than this. The major reason of temple fires is lighted candles and incense sticks. So, the priest in charge of fire-prevention in our temple puts his finger into the ashes of an incense burner to confirm that fire is completely extinguished at katoo end of the day.

If he feels warmth in the ashes, it means the fire still remains there.

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There are about 2, important cultural assets in our temple. Therefore, we need to be nervous to protect all of them from disaster.

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Kato: Wow, you have 2, works of important cultural asset in your temple! Kawasaki: Yes. We pay great attention to the maintenance of them, and we are also very careful for their safety. To begin with, "fire" is a special thing for Buddhism to use for the ritual. It is not water or wind that spoils such service facilities and the cultural asset, but it is fire. Smile It sounds contrary.

I think not only the Buddhism but also many other Religions use fire quite often in the ritual. I think chat with a model is very ificant in the Christianity and Islam, too.

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Therefore, "Matches" and "Religion" cannot be considered separately in any country, can they? However, fire is dangerous, too.

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